Google Play held
  a mobile virus that infected millions of Android users and is still affecting thousands every day

Remember the horrible mobile virus that was infecting millions of Android users every day, with more than 180 variants and Cheetah Mobile Security Lab (CMS Lab) is working very hard on minimalizing its effects. Even though, it is well known that downloading apps from different app markets can lead to diverse malware and ransomware infections, this specific virus has been present for a few months and could have been downloaded from many app providers, however also from Google Play. The big issue is that the virus is still affecting thousands of infected Android users making the hackers an important amount of profit, about $100,000 per day according to CMS Lab’s analysis.

The mobile virus is a KK Plugin that pops-up ads on the infected smartphone, warning the user of an infection and leading them to additional apps that allegedly will help them clean their phone. The malware at cause will continue downloading malicious plugins while sending out statistical data. The unwanted apps are almost impossible to exit without downloading them and the KK plugin continuously spreads all around the world.

As it turns out, once infected, the Android smartphone’s performance will be affected and also the battery will drain quickly, within hours. Regarding the hackers, CMS Lab has linked all the similar malware found with Joydream, a provider of mobile Internet apps and technical services. As for recommendations do not open suspicious websites or ads, try not to install unofficial apps, mostly from third-party marketplaces, however be careful with Google Play as well and try out installing a security app that can scan your phone repeatedly.