Microsoft lays the base for cloud security with Addallom acquisition

Adallom has been snapped up by Microsoft - it is actually the latest company which has been on a buying spree over the past year as the company pushes its fast-growing businesses like the cloud unit.

Here’s what Rapaport stated on the company’s website: "This acquisition represents a major investment in cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) application security for the Microsoft team". Rumors of the acquisition first floated around in July, based off of a report from Israeli newspaper Calcalist.

With the constant and advanced cyber security attacks continuing to make headlines, customer concerns around security stays top of mind.

However unlike Aorato, Adallom’s services aren’t only created to work with Microsoft’s cloud products.

In addition to Office 365, Adallom’s software can also be used to protect cloud applications like Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, ServiceNow and Ariba.

According to Numoto, as a cloud-delivered, security-as-a-service solution, Adallom will complement existing offerings that Microsoft makes available today as part of Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

But, later on, in a blog post, the USA tech giant confirmed the acquisition, reiterating its commitment to improving its security capabilities for both on-premises and multiple cloud customers.

It seems that Adallom - founded in 2012 by Adam Rappaport, Ami Luttwak, and Roy Reznik - received widespread publicity in December 2013 when it exposed vulnerability in Office365’s security.