The guys who hacked a Jeep while it was on the highway were hired by Uber

It seems ride-sharing giant Uber has decided to hire two new staff members who have currently turned the world of vehicle security upside down.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek achieved a high profile in July, when Wired published an article describing how they digitally carjacked reporter Andy Greenberg as he was driving a Jeep Cherokee. Miller and Valasek managed to take control of the vehicle’s stereo, air conditioning, windscreen wipers and, eventually, its accelerator.

As reported by Reuters, Miller, who worked at Twitter, and Valasek who worked at IOActive, a security firm, will join Uber next week.

As it turns out, the company’s valuation has soared, passing $50 billion in July. Its latest additions however may help it build on its plans for a fleet of autonomous vehicles that would totally remove the need for drivers.